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I’ve always been an animal lover and since I was a young teenager have wanted to work with animals. That is part of the inspiration for this business. The other part developed out of love for my own dog, Buster. Buster was found at the Mississauga Animal Shelter. He had been abused and was very nervous. I began volunteering my time to walk him and I took him to my home for weekend visits. The time I invested with Buster was some of the best time I ever spent. It amazed me how far a little love and affection could go. His gratitude in return for my time was …. priceless. I truly believe each visit enriched his life, and mine too.

To be able to help an animal feel safe, secure and loved gave me a great deal of gratification. Buster has since passed from when I opened the business in 2001. His baby brother KANE, 75 pounds, has stepped up to continue making paw prints for the business as a leader of his group walks and the Company mascot. The latest edition to my family is CHLOE – a lovable, very large English Mastiff who has filled my heart with much joy.

The love I have for animals is something my customers appreciate and acknowledge.

The Wiggle Waggle & Walk Pet Care Service is my way of reaching out to help and care for as many as I can.

I strive to provide services that will enrich the lives of many pets, and in return, give their owners a little piece of mind.

The name Wiggle Waggle & Walk Pet Care Services, came about because there’s nothing quite like watching the happy wiggle and waggle of a dog as he/she walks by your side.

As we’ve done since the beginning, we’ll continue to happily service the Oakville Community.

Proudly Offering


Dog Walking

We offer personal as well as energized group walks. We walk a maximum of 3 dogs per walk, this way your dog will receive undivided attention and won’t be subjected to the potential dangers and risks associated with walking in large packs. We offer discounts to multi-dog households. Choose a plan that works best with your schedule.

° Member of the Professional Dog Walking Association (PDWA)
° Certified in Pet First Aid

Cat Sitting

We all like to travel. When a kennel is just not an option for your loving cat. Let your cat reside in the comfort of his/her own home in your absence. Each visit will include: a feeding, a litter box cleaning, and a little play and cuddle time. We will also water your plants and collect the mail. We want your home to appear lived in while you are away. These extra niceties are no extra charge.

In Home / Puppy Visits

A perfect solution for that new, young pup who hasn’t had all his/her shots and can’t play with the “big boys” in the park just yet. We will let your puppy out and keep him/her engaged in some playful activities to burn off some of that pent up energy! Excellent idea for older dogs who may be recovering from medical procedures or injuries. We will provide the comfort and attention your pet deserves.

Vacation Services / Boarding

Planning a vacation and not all members of the family can attend? Don’t sweat it. We offer vacation service. Your dog or cat can stay in the comfort of their home while we provide service for them. We will come to the house several times a day to feed and walk your dog and spend some time with them in your absence.


Please inquire about any service for further information by calling us or simply fill out the contact form at the bottom and we’ll call you right away.





I’ve used Wiggle Waggle Walk for five years.  My dog walker is Michael, and he’s been with my cocker spaniel Molly since she was only allowed puppy visits. She’s a bossy little diva who doesn’t like wind or rain, but Michael can get her to go out with him in any weather. She loves him. He has helped teach her manners since she was a puppy.

Once when I had surgery he kept her overnight, which was a blessing because I didn’t want to board her, as she is so bonded to me and my family. He also came to the rescue one day when my stupid hard-wired fire alarm was going off for no reason. Michael found the offending alarm and disabled it before the police had to knock down my door.

Michael has three different routes he takes with Molly, depending on weather. Probably the longest is 25 minutes, because like I said before, she is a diva.  He lets her socialize with other dogs and people on the walk, but he takes his cue from Molly- if she doesn’t like a dog, he will know. She loves toddlers, so he lets her be petted by them, and stops her from being too rambunctious. He gives me a daily update on how her walk went.

When Michael broke his ankle, Eden didn’t leave me stranded- she solved the problem and kept Molly’s walks up. Eden is extremely reliable and knowledgeable about dogs of all kinds.

Molly probably hasn’t needed a dog walker for years, but how could I deprive Molly from her good friend Michael? There is  a lady in the neighborhood who walks 11-16 dogs at a time. I’m sure that would be cheaper, but that’s not what I want.  Molly is my furry baby, and I want to know someone is caring for her when I’m at work.

Chris Peterson

Eden has been involved with our dog Dexter for over two years, since he was a puppy. He looks forward to her visit everyday, and we enjoy a worry free workday knowing he is in good hands. Eden is a great communicator and is generous in sharing her knowledge of dogs when we have asked questions regarding dog behavior, growing stages etc. She has been an important part our first time dog ownership adventure!

Heather M.

Eden has taken our 7 year old golden retriever to the local dog parks every week day for nearly the last two years.  Maisy looks forward to her social time with the other dogs in Eden’s care and I have never had any problems during this time.  Eden understands dog behavior and I trust her to take care of Maisy’s well-being.  Maisy has also happily boarded at Eden’s house on many occasions.  I would recommend Eden to anyone.

Jane D.

“Ever since I can remember a friend has come to visit me every day around 11am. At first I didn’t understand who this friend was, not my people coming in my home, but I soon realized they were welcome and I welcomed them. Now I wait anxiously for my best friend Kit to come by and take me with my friends to the park. It is so much fun to enjoy the day – rain, snow, heat or cold – Kit is there. Sometimes Eden comes to visit and that’s lots of fun too! I love my friends at Wiggle Waggle & Walk. I know that I can count on them every day to visit. I know my people, Ben + Julie are so happy knowing that while they are busy, someone is there for me. Ben and Julie love me very much and seeing me so well cared for during the long lonely hours of the day makes it easier for them to leave me. Knowing I’m happy makes them even happier – (if that’s possible for one is not a Labrador Retriever) Thank you Kit, Eden and everyone at Wiggle Waggle & Walk.”


Digby and Mandy are our 2 VERY enthusiastic and energetic Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. Eden and members of her team, have been walking them daily for the past 2 years. Eden is very professional, respectful of the dogs and always very loving with them. It is evident that she truly loves our dogs, Eden has consistently been available for us when we’ve needed her: we often called upon Eden to come and feed the dogs, or to let them out in the evenings, if last minute plans arose; she has come by to care for the dogs when I went into labor for both of my babies; and she arranged for in-home care for Mandy and Digby when we took a five week trip this past Spring. We trust her completely and our dogs love her. Most notably, Eden has taken time for many discussions to assist in developing and maintaining a consistent routine for one of the dogs that needs a bit more discipline. She approaches the situation with flexibility, genuine care and guidance for our dog while respecting our wishes. I wouldn’t want anyone else to be walking our dogs.

Mary Kelly

“We are so happy to have heard about Wiggle Waggle & Walk 3 years ago, when we first moved to Oakville. In addition to loving dogs and cats, Eden is professional, friendly and committed to giving your dog the attention he/she needs. But most importantly, our dog IKE loves Eden and waits for her by the window every day for his walks! We would highly recommend Eden’s services and are very happy customers!”


“Maggie our chocolate Labrador has been walking with Eden at Wiggle Waggle & Walk for the past 5 years. We love the dog walking service Eden provides as it is reliable and gives Maggie the exercise she needs. Maggie enjoys it so much that she waits at the window knowing that she’ll be going out.”

Daryl and Kirsten K.

“Jane has been walking Bailey out Boxer for 3 years, since she was a puppy. Boxer’s need lots of love and energy. Jane takes her out for lots of exercise – walking through the neighborhood or going for a run in the woods. She is a very warm, caring dog lover. We couldn’t be happier with the services from Wiggle Waggle!”



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