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I’ve always been an animal lover and since I was a young teenager wanted to work with animals. That is part of the inspiration for this business. The other part developed out of love for my own dog Buster. Buster was found at the Mississauga Animal Shelter. He had been abused and was very nervous. I began volunteering my time and I took him into my home for weekend visits. The time I invested with Buster was some of the best time I ever spent. It amazed me how far a little love and affection could go. His gratitude in return for my time was…priceless. I truly believe each visit enriched his life and my own.

To be able to help an animal feel safe, secure and loved gave me a great deal of gratification. Buster has since passed from when I opened the business in 2001. We have had many leaders take his place and continue to make paw prints as mascots for the business. Currently my heart sings with my 200 pound Saint Bernard Walter - 6 years old and his baby brother 2 year old MEDO who I rescued at age 1.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as watching the happy Wiggle Waggle Walk of a dog. The love I have for animals is something my customers appreciate and acknowledge. Wiggle Waggle & Walk Pet Services is my way of reaching out to help and care for as many as I can.

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