Group Walks - Price $17 for 35 minute run at leash free.


Group Walks

group of dogs

Energized group walks at designated Leash Free areas in the Oakville area. We take our group of furry friends - maximum 6 per group.

Wonderful way for dogs of all ages to get ample exercise, play and socialization in a safe controlled environment.

Private Walks - Price $17 1 dog -for 30 minutes in local area/neighbourhood. Price $22 for 2 dogs

Private Walks


A private single walk for your dog who may be more comfortable with one on one to get his business done, enjoy the fresh air and smells along the way. Walks can be done in the neighbourhood or trail systems depending on the location of your residence. Ideal for older senior dogs or less socialized dogs.

Puppy Visits - $17 1 dog -per half hour visit - 2 visits per day - $28

Puppy Visits


We start our puppy visits as young as 8 weeks. This is a visit for a bathroom break, feeding ad yard play. As your dog matures we will introduce walking in to the mix once all vaccinations are completed. Plans can be customized to best suit the age of your young bundle of joy. To be discussed in our consultation appointments.

Cat Sitting - $18 per visit

Cat Sitting


This visit is once per day to come in to your home and refresh water and food, scoop litter and water any plants/collect mail. Play time or cat cuddles are also included in the visit.

Prices may vary depending on the amount of animals in the household.

Dog Boarding - $45 - $50 for 1 day 1 dog - 2 dogs $55 - $60 per day

Dog Boarding

dog boarding

This is an in - home boarding solution. We take your furry friends to our place. We treat them like our own in our no cage policy. They will receive several walks in a day or trips to the dog park. They also have access to the back yard and deck to hang out. They have play time and a comfortable place to rest their head come night time. Lots of love and treats are provided.

*All dogs must be up to date with shots and be fixed to stay in our home environment.

* Note price range can vary depending on size of breed and if any medical requirements are needed for the animal

Vacation Services - $45 per day - 1 dog $55 per day- 2 dogs from same household

Vacation Service


No need to worry if you are away on holiday and your babies are happiest to stay in the comfort of their own home, we come to you! We will come in 3 times per day for feeding, walks and love. This service is recommended for older dogs or dogs that may not work out well boarding with other pets. This option gives them the care they need can and they can remain in a non stressed environment and be safe and comfortable while their humans are away.