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Hope Collaton
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Eden has helped me and my roommate immensely when we went away by caring for our kitten. There was no doubt that she was well taken care of while we were away. The service was extremely reliable, the house was clean and the cat was not at all stressed out when we returned. I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is thinking of taking a trip in the near future. Thank you for providing the love and care that we do for our cat. It truly shows!!!!

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I have used Eden's service a Wiggle Waggle Walk for nearly three years now and have not had a negative experience during this time. She is caring and conscientious, taking great care with the welfare of my golden retriever. We moved here with our 6 year old golden who found the adjustment difficult in relation to the off leash restrictions, the heat and the cold in winter. I feel Eden really helped our golden settle, introducing her to a safe group of dogs in the off leash parks and she happily goes off with Eden every afternoon. If Eden feels the temperatures are too hot for her in the summer or too cold in the winter she will check with me as the welfare of the dog is paramount. In my experience Eden understands canine behaviour very well and is able to spot any potential conflicts in the dog parks before they happen. I am confident that my golden is well cared for and safe when she is in Eden's care.

Anne W
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Almost four years ago my husband and I brought home a puppy. Immediately we contacted Eden at Wiggle Waggle and Walk about dog walking services. Since then Eden has been taking our puppy to the park daily, has kept her late in case we needed to work late, and overnight in the rare circumstances we are both travelling. Our puppy loves Eden and looks forward to her daily outing! We are unfortunately moving and will have to find someone new to care for our puppy, and can only hope we find someone as caring and wonderful as Eden and Wiggle, Waggle and Walk.

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Lorraine Thompson
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Eden has been looking after my current dog since he was 8 weeks old. She has always been professional and truly loves my dog. She also looked after my previous dog in the last 2 years of his life. She helped him adjust as he became blind. She still helped him stay social in what had become a confusing world. I would recommend Eden to anyone.

Paul Downes
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Amazing service!! George and Ruby always love their walks with Eden and you can tell how much she truly cares about dogs..I would and do recommend her to everyone. Very professional, responsible and reliable!

Karen Kal
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My boy Danny has been with Eden for over 6 years. I can't say enough about Wiggle Waggle and Walk!!!! Denny loves having our daily visits with Michael Bate and Eden!!!!